Is GrantStation Right For Me?

Is a Membership with GrantStation right for your organization today?

Effective grantseeking means having all the pieces in place to successfully secure grant awards.


Are you a 501c3, educational institution, regional government, religious organization, tribal council, or an individual artist?

  • If so, then you will find grant opportunities in our databases. Each of our profiles indicate the types of organizations that the grantmaker will fund. Check out a sample profile here.

  • If you are a small business, contact your regional Small Business Development Center.


Is your budget $10,000 or more?

  • Then your organization’s budget is big enough that regional grantmakers will want to provide funding.

  • If your budget is less, we suggest you contact local businesses or your regional community foundation for funding opportunities. We also suggest you consider hosting a fundraiser, soliciting individual donations, and documenting in-kind contributions (including volunteer hours) before developing a grants program.


Does your organization have a mission which many grantmakers are interested in funding?

  • Check out our Search Terms. This is a list of all of the areas funded by the grantmakers in our databases.

  • If you don’t see terms that fit your work, feel free to contact us, as we sometimes add new areas of interests to our list of search terms.


Do you have the people in place to perform grantseeking?

  • Do you have the time to use our tools to research grant opportunities, build your strategy, and write the proposals?

  • As part of your GrantStation Membership there is a complete tutorial on how to establish a grantseeking committee so you can keep the grants pipeline full.

  • We also have a tutorial on how to create the time for effective grantseeking.

  • If you don’t have the people in place for grantseeking, nor the time to establish a working committee, consider waiting before getting a Membership.


Do you have the basic documents required for making an application to a grantmaker?

  • Mission Statement

  • Board of Directors biographies

  • Tax designation letter from IRS (this can be pending)

  • Operating budget for this year


Are you a new organization? While many grantmakers give to organizations with a proven track record, some do give startup funding, which is one of the search terms you can use in our database. Our “Getting Started” section provides some guidance. You can learn more at