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GrantStation publishes several books you'll find valuable for your grant seeking efforts. Also included below are recommend books by authors we support.

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Bold is Gold: A Funding Research Primer

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This book is all about being bold in your approach to securing the support you need for your programs and projects. With 40+ years of experience in grantseeking, GrantStation CEO Cynthia Adams has come to believe that identifying the right grantmaker is a combination of art and science, and in this book she shares those hard-won insights with you.


Intentional Grantseeking: Planning to Win

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In this e-primer GrantStation CEO Cynthia Adams shares her ideas around thinking strategically as you undertake your grantseeking efforts. She also describes her step-by-step approach to building a strategy around each project or program that needs funding. The examples will clarify how this process could work for you.

- Other Recommended Books -

After the Grant: The Nonprofit's Guide to Good Stewardship (Fundraising Guides)

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Manage your grant to ensure you get the next one!

You've secured the grant—that's just the beginning! Now you begin the multi-faceted journey of stewardship to build and maintain a lasting relationship with the funder. Expert fundraisers and foundation personnel share their critical insights on how to best manage, communicate, and report on your funded programs, and cement your relationship with funders. A "troubleshooting guide" includes advice from foundation executives on what to do when things go wrong. This Guide is an invaluable and practical resource for anyone seeking funding from foundations.

Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations: Policies and Practices, 3rd Edition

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Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations provides students, professionals, and board members with a comprehensive reference for the field. Identifying key objectives and exploring current practices, this book offers practical guidance on all major aspects of nonprofit financial management. As nonprofit organizations fall under ever-increasing scrutiny and accountability, this book provides the essential knowledge and tools professional need to maintain a strong financial management system while serving the organization’s stated mission. Financial management, cash flow, and financial sustainability are perennial issues, and this book highlights the concepts, skills, and tools that help organizations address those issues. 

Grantepreneur: Getting Started in a Grant Career and Business

Book Cover

Grantepreneur is a clear, supportive guide for those considering a career in grant proposal development.

The Invisible Yellow Line: Clarifying Nonprofit Board and Staff Roles

Book Cover

The key to a healthy nonprofit organization is a harmonious board-staff relationship. Easier said than done!

The Invisible Yellow Line: Clarifying Nonprofit Board and Staff Roles is a fun, upbeat, and down-to-earth manual that walks you through the process of clarifying the roles of the board and staff.

The Nonprofit Guide to Social Enterprise: Show Me The (Unrestricted) Money

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Let’s face it. Today’s nonprofit fundraising environment is just plain tough. Development efforts that worked for decades no longer bring the same results. Nonprofits can no longer count entirely on government funding, available grants, and individual solicitations. Different and more creative solutions are a must.

The Nonprofit Guide to Social Enterprise is an essential guide to starting a social enterprise within your nonprofit organization. The step-by-step process in this comprehensive manual offers a tested approach to launching a successful nonprofit social enterprise that builds your organization’s capacity and reduces reliance on traditional but dwindling funding sources.

Mapping the Course: A Practical Approach to Grant Writing

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Mapping the Course: A Practical Approach to Grant Writing provides nonprofit organizations with practical information and strategies to write strong, successful grant proposals. It provides a Program Planning Framework to help organizations outline all of the components of an application and connect them together for a coherent and consistent story. The manual includes a step-by-step process to help understand what funders are looking for in grant applications, including the background, need, outcomes and indicators, approach, evaluation and budget.

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