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Past Issues

Global Funding Opportunities
Challenge Aims to Improve Education Through Technology
Award Celebrates Environmental Communication Projects
Funding Available for Research on Nutrition, Healthy Living, and Alternative Medicine
Grants and Awards Support Human Rights Activists

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Funds to Bolster Civic Participation in Selected European Countries
Support for Health Partnerships Between the U.K., Africa, and Asia
Funding Available for Arab Artists
Grants Target Vulnerable Populations in England and Wales

Government Funding Opportunities
Funding Fosters the Creative Sector in Selected Developing Countries
Support for Wildlife Conservation Initiatives in Latin America

Global Funding Opportunities
Competition Seeks to Reduce Waste and Consumption
Grants Promote Veganism Across the World
Funding Available for Research Into Online Child Safety
Prize Honors Individuals Improving the Food System

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Support for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Efforts in Developing Countries
Award Recognizes Journalists from North Africa, the Middle East, and the Gulf
Grants Benefit Disadvantaged Populations in Selected Countries
Funds for Organizations Promoting Entrepreneurship in Central America and East Africa

Government Funding Opportunities
Efforts to Promote Social Cohesion in Europe Honored
Funds to Combat Corruption and Bolster Journalism in the Pacific Islands

COVID-19 Related Funding
COVID-19 Relief Supports Organizations in the U.K. 
Investments Aim to Address Critical Pandemic Needs Globally
Funds for Organizations Assisting Vulnerable Groups

Global Funding Opportunities
Awards Shine a Spotlight on Young Environmentalists
Support for Civil Society Organizations Under Threat
Competition Honors Excellence in Media Arts
Grants Empower Women and Girls Through Education

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries Funded
Awards Honor Climate Solutions in the U.K and Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Program Promotes African Entrepreneurship
Funds for Blindness Prevention Projects in Company Communities

Government Funding Opportunities
Competition Aims to Create Green Societies in the Developing World
Support for Projects Empowering LGBTI Communities in East Asia and the Pacific

COVID-19 Related Funding
Support for Healthcare and Education Initiatives in Europe, India, and Singapore
Funds for U.K. Organizations Addressing the Global Goals
Funding Fosters Health in Race Communities Worldwide

Global Funding Opportunities
Awards Honor Education Projects
Funding Available for Tree Planting Projects Worldwide
Grassroots Women’s Organizations Supported
Conservation Efforts Funded

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Funding Targets People With Disabilities in Eligible Countries
Challenge Seeks Smart Farming Solutions for African and Asian Countries
Funds to Protect Threatened Heritage in Several Regions
Grants to Strengthen the Cultural Ecosystem in the Arab Region

Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Promote Behavior Change Related to the European Green Deal
Support to Facilitate a STEM Mentorship Program

COVID-19 Related Funding
Competition Protects Rule of Law During COVID-19 Crisis
Grants for Teachers Facilitating Virtual Instruction
Program Addresses Power and Accountability Issues in the U.K. and at the Pan European 
Support for Organizations Aiding Vulnerable Women in England

Global Funding Opportunities
Challenge Seeks Bold Solutions to Advance Racial Equity
Award Program Promotes Healthy Aging
Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives Funded
Prizes Honor Projects Empowering Refugees

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Support for Rainforest Conservation in the Tropics and Subtropics
Grants Target Selected Countries in Asia
Prize Recognizes European Journalists
Funds Enable U.K. Organizations to Enhance their Digital Presence

Government Funding Opportunities
Funding Bolsters Democracy Worldwide
Funding Promotes Knowledge Exchange on Child Migration in Europe

COVID-19 Related Funding
Prize Honors Inspiring Acts of Humanity
Programs Address Men’s Mental Health in Selected Countries
Grants Utilize Technology to Aid Recovery in the U.K. 
Conservation Organizations Supported

Global Funding Opportunities
Program Aims to Combat Fire Across the Globe
Funding Facilitates Sexual and Reproductive Health Education
Research Grants Address Internet-Related Topics
Funds for BIPOC Youth Activists Fighting Injustice

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Funding Empowers LGBTIQ+ Youth in the Asia-Pacific Region
Prize Scales Poverty Interventions in Developing Countries
Support for African Documentary Filmmakers
Funds Available to Bolster Women’s Safety and Rights in Afghanistan

Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Foster Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe
Funding Targets Religious and Ethnic Minorities in the Middle East and North Africa

COVID-19 Related Funding
Competition Seeks New Learning Tools and Technology
Funding Available for Health Research Projects Worldwide
Support for Recovery Initiatives in Commonwealth Countries

Global Funding Opportunities
Prize Honors Health and Environmental Defenders
Programs Raise Holocaust Awareness Through Education and Film
Grants Promote Peace and Democracy Worldwide
Prize Enables Social Enterprises to Scale Their Impact

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Bolster Civic Engagement in Latin America
Funding Targets Vulnerable Children in Developing Countries
Support for Marine Conservation Initiatives in the Mesoamerican Reef
Programs Advance Digital Rights in Europe

Government Funding Opportunities
Fellowships Facilitate Research on Endangered Languages Worldwide
Grants Aim to Enhance HIV Care in Zambia

COVID-19 Related Funding
Support for Research Addressing COVID-19 Health Surveillance
Grants Enhance Resilience in African, Caribbean, and Pacific Countries

Global Funding Opportunities
Funding Benefits Indigenous Peoples Around the World
Food Donations Aim to Combat Hunger
Support for Social Empowerment and Economic Development Initiatives
Grants Promote Gender Equality, Education, and Community Building Worldwide

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funding Aims to Prevent Child Abuse in Selected Countries
Emerging Australian Artists Supported
Grants Improve Livelihoods and Promote Responsible Tourism in Southeast Asia
Support for Biodiversity, Food, and Humanitarian Projects in Company Communities

Government Funding Opportunities
Funding Fosters Artistic and Cultural Cooperation in the Nordic Region
Program Reduces Disease Risks in the Indo-Pacific

COVID-19 Related Funding
Support for Youth-Led Initiatives Tackling COVID-19
Challenge Seeks to Use Data Science to Promote Inclusive Growth
Prize Recognizes Digital Solutions for Individuals With Disabilities

Global Funding Opportunities
Grants Aim to Answer Big Questions Facing Humankind
Funding Available for Marine Conservation Projects (in Particular Sharks and Rays)
Support for Women’s Rights Groups Based Outside the U.S.
Prizes Honor Literacy Initiatives

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Improve Lives in Selected Central American and Caribbean Countries
Funds for Collaborative Journalism Projects in the EU
Award Honors Education-Related Initiatives or Research in Africa
Youth Mental Health Initiatives Funded

Government Funding Opportunities
Program Promotes Economic Empowerment for Women in South Asia
Funding to Produce Content for Young Europeans

COVID-19 Related Funding
Grants Strengthen Pandemic Resilience in Wildlife Rich Areas
Funds to Bolster COVID-19 Response in Member Countries and Muslim Communities
Challenge Seeks Technology Solutions for the Coronavirus
Support for Women-Identifying Journalists in Need

Global Funding Opportunities
Call Seeks Global Approaches to Address U.S. Challenges
Marine Conservation Initiatives Supported
Funding Available for Independent Filmmakers Worldwide
Prize Recognizes Water and Sanitation Solutions

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Funds to Combat Plastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea
Support for Ape Conservation and Awareness in Selected Countries
Grants Target Jewish Communities in Central and Eastern Europe
Funding Aims to Improve Education Policy in Partner Countries

Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Foster Cooperation Between Government and Civil Society in Belize
Program Aims to Build Media Capacity in Pakistan